About us

Welcome to our world! Find out who we are, read our story then sit back and travel with us!


“Most of us abandoned the idea of a life full of adventure and travel sometime between puberty and our first job.  Our dreams died under the dark weight of responsibility.  Occasionally the old urge surfaces, and we label it with names that suggest psychological aberrations: the big chill, a midlife crisis”.  – Tim Cahill

We are Asad and Harjit, a married couple from London.

In May 2013 we embarked on a year-long adventure around South East Asia.

Looking back, that time just flew by. Sometimes we still can’t believe we’ve done it. We have so many memories and experiences to share. So we’ve created this blog to inspire, capture and share our passion for travelling through photography, some inspirational stories and of course some great adventures that inevitably happen when you collide with this amazing planet.

Why would this blog interest you?

Because I recognise you. You’re an armchair traveller. A dreamer. You close your eyes and imagine trekking through the Himalayas only to open them and see the same dreary urban sprawl from your office window.

You look in the mirror and see a few grey hairs and silently tell yourself that you’ll go next year or maybe the year after that. Oh but you can’t because of this reason or that reason. Deep down you know that if you don’t make some drastic changes or decisions, you’ll never fulfil your dream of travelling.

Are you afraid that you’ll always be trapped in the endless cycle of the nine to five, forever paying the mortgage and looking forward to the forty-eight hours of escape (called a weekend) that you daydream about whilst clock watching at work?

Do you want to travel long-term but are afraid of leaving the safety and security that your job, your family and your life provides?

Wait for it. Here’s the cliché – are you existing or just living?

Then you’re like us. This blog is for you! You may be twenty or you may be sixty. It doesn’t matter. You feel the same way we do.

This blog is about inspiring you to travel – to take that chance and deviate from the norm. To be brave and step out of your comfort zone.  Take a break from the rat race – even if it’s just for a while. If you can’t travel long-term then don’t sweat it. Make your holidays count as travel experiences that leave you inspired. Refuse to wear society’s noose that is the nine to five. Go out and celebrate travel and fall in love with life all over again! Let go of your fears and don’t give up on your dreams – whatever those dreams may be. If we can do it so can you!

It’s never too late to escape the 9-5!

Who are the MidlifeAdventureNomads?


In a nutshell, I’m crazy about gadgets, football (I’m a bloke what did you expect), food, movies and of course travel! I’ve built my career around IT working in various sectors and finally ending up with the corporate! Decided work was getting too predictable, too monotonous. So I decided to take control and change my life. I’m glad I did.


I am the author of this blog. I love photography, getting lost in books and cooking. In fact, I took a few cooking classes in Thailand, Malaysia and Nepal.  I have a secret passion for writing and storytelling, so this blog will be a great way to share our adventures! I’ve had a varied career from the creative to the corporate but decided it was time for a long break. Inspired by travel shows such as Globe Trekker and Michael Palin – it was a dream come true to be able to travel for so long! The only thing is …I never want to wake up!

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